5 Havens for Investment Properties in a Tough Economy

December 16th, 2013

Property Management

Let’s face it, the economy has been struggling and the housing market has had a hard time recovering. As with any investment, investing in property will always carry risks, and the right time to invest is never certain. So, you need to make sure you invest your property in the right places.

Just where are the right places for property management and investment? We’ve compiled a list of 5 cities in LA County where you can be sure your investment property will always be in demand:

1. La Crescenta – Home of Well-educated Professionals

Real estate in La Crescenta consistently ranks among the most expensive not only in California, but also in America! Being an affluent and family-oriented community with great school districts, people are drawn to the desirable and affluent town of La Crescenta.

According to Neighborhood Scout, over 90% of those in the workforce in La Crescenta are employed in well-paying white-collar jobs, making it a prosperous and stable place to own property. Furthermore, La Crescenta is known as a town of artists, which is one of the reasons La Crescenta is abundant with character—another major draw. Anyone who chooses to invest in property in this town can be assured their investment will be highly profitable.

2. Alhambra – Soaring Real Estate Prices

Get in while the price of property is on the rise. Median home prices in Alhambra have increased by over $50,000 in the past year alone. The city of Alhambra is a sought-after place to live and is therefore a great place for property management. FindTheBest gave the city of Alhambra a 4 out of 5 star overall rating, with a 5 out of 5 star rating for climate.

Alhambra is also ethnically and culturally diverse, and people choose to live in Alhambra because there is something for everyone. You can’t go wrong if you purchase property in this popular and booming city.

3. Tujunga – Clean Mountain Air

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Tujunga Valley, the city of Tujunga has a rural beauty. What’s more, Tujunga has some of the cleanest air in LA County—a coveted luxury in Los Angeles.

Whether it’s because of the Big Tujunga Canyon and the city’s panorama of mountains or the result of the healthy lifestyle this city offers, Tujunga property has seen solid appreciation. Whatever it is, you know what this means: Tujunga is yet another prime location for your investment property. Oh, and another advantage to property management in this great city: its rich history. Tujunga was once home to one of the biggest Indian villages in the Southland. It later became fertile ground for Spanish missionaries—there are still many orchards to be found in this gem of a place. Clearly, people have valued this prosperous area for centuries.

4. Pasadena – Abundance of Local Pride

Pasadena residents love living in Pasadena. Many describe the large city as having a “small-town” feel, yet with a lot of diversity and excitement, too. Most who live in Pasadena love it, and many who leave want to return.

Pasadena has a great central location to many large attractions and employment-dense areas. Choose this vibrant city for your investment, and you will be sure to have people lining up to live in your property.

5. Burbank – One of America’s Best Communities for Young People

Burbank is an upscale and highly popular place to live. As seen on the City of Burbank website, America’s Promise Alliance—the nation’s largest alliance dedicated to children and youth—declared Burbank as one of America’s Best Communities for Young People. What’s more, Burbank is the only city in Los Angeles to make the list.

Locals describe Burbank as charming and safe and love how much there is to do in this city. As the Media Capital of the World and home to the Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Studios, Nickelodeon Studios, the Tonight Show, a hopping downtown and its own airport, countless people want and need to live in Burbank. Again, this is a property investment haven and property management here should be very rewarding.