5 Tips for Marketing Your Properties in Burbank

April 2nd, 2015

Property Management

Owning a real estate property is only beneficial if you have tenants occupying it. Without occupants, the cost far outweighs the return and creates problems with your cash flow. Here at ABC Property Management, we know marketing is critical, and we have extensive experience with marketing and Burbank Property Management. As experts in this field, we’ve compiled 5 tips for marketing your properties in Burbank.

1. Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to get tenants into your property is to make the outside of the home look nice. People assume that if the outside is nice, the inside look nice, as well, so it increases the number of people looking to rent it. It also makes people confident in the neighborhood and their place in it. A good roof, fresh paint, and lush landscaping can be the best marketing for a rental property.

2. Advertise Where People are Looking

It doesn’t do much good to advertise in a newspaper if no one reads it. Make sure to run your ads promoting open rental in the outlets where people spend their time. Craigslist.org and Housing.com are just two popular websites where individuals and families know to go for new rental opportunities. Targeting prevailing publications is one of the best ways to market to people looking for housing.

3. Direct Mail

Although direct mail has gotten a bad rap lately as an outdated marketing practice, the exposure you can attain through this approach is impressive. For low cost, you can get your available properties in front of a large number of qualified individuals in the area where your property is. This is an incredibly effective way to get information on your property to the public.

4. Take Great Pictures

High quality images of your property make a huge difference in your marketing efforts. It paints your property in the best possible light, and it lets you have better control over the first impression potential renters have of your property. As Burbank property management experts, we know first hand how effective great pictures can be.

5. List your home in multiple places

For best results in finding tenants, list your property in multiple places. Give as many people the opportunity to see your availability. With property rentals, it’s a numbers game- and you want to do everything you can to make the numbers work for you.


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