Investment Property Managers: 5 Signs it's Time to Hire a Property Manager

April 2nd, 2015

Property Management

If you own an investment property, you might think that you are up to the challenge of leasing and maintaining it yourself. Find someone looking for a house, give them a key, call a plumber every now and then – how hard can that be, right? Well, actually, it’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds and a great many first time owners are soon shocked by the time and effort required to manage their property successfully. From finding the right tenant to dealing with disasters, a good property manager will ensure that you are getting the best return from your investment that you possibly can. To help you make your decision, let’s count off the top five signs that the time has come to let someone else take on those headaches:

#5: The zookeeper you leased your house to mentions he wants to start working from home

Imagine for a minute what a sick marmoset would do to those beautiful, newly-laid carpets. Rather than getting into a semantic argument about what “no pets allowed” really means, you should probably just start googling how to serve an eviction notice now.

#4: Your tenant receives a copy of Fire-Breathing for Beginners for Christmas

Yes, you’re up to code, but how badly do you want to put it to the test? This one is probably also a sign that you ought to double check whether you’ve paid your insurance premium this month.

#3: Your tenant seems to know a surprising amount about the technical inaccuracies in Breaking Bad

Maybe he’s just a really, really big fan, but maybe you want to get a pair of bolt-cutters and find out what’s inside that locked room.

#2: Your tenant asks you repeatedly and intensely, “But how soundproof is the basement?”

In this case, maybe you don’t want to get a pair of bolt-cutters and find out what’s inside that locked room…


And the number one sign it’s time to hire a qualified property manager is:


#1: You discover Charlie Sheen named anywhere on the lease

If it’s in there, you’re probably already too late. But once you’ve finished the rebuild, why not head on over to to learn how our team of real estate professionals can save you time and stress while protecting your investment.