4 Types of Real Estate Investors, What Kind Are You?

March 25th, 2014

La Cresenta Property Management

No, we’re not asking if your experience or interests lie in residential, commercial, industrial, or retail real estate. We are talking about who you are in the real estate investment game. Which real estate personality do you identify with?

1. The Novice Investor

As a beginner, real estate investing is both exhilarating and intimidating. You’ve heard about the risks as well as the ample rewards. Now you have to sum it all up and decide how to make a savvy investment without a whole lot of experience to guide you.

2. The Careful and Cautious Investor

You’ve been in the real estate arena for a while and are hopefully enjoying a positive cash flow. But you fear taking big risks because you’ve seen others get burned. Besides, your investment goals may only encompass making a moderate profit to either provide a modest lifestyle or supplement your current income.

3. The Adventurous Investor

You only live once and you want your investment to make a real bang for your buck. You welcome new investment opportunities and like to network in the real estate world. Chances are you’re stable financially and are willing to jump into something big, risky, but (potentially) highly profitable.

4. The Pro Investor

Well-seasoned, experienced, and pretty darn successful? If it wouldn’t be a stretch to call you a pro at what you do, you have probably found real estate investing to be a richly rewarding avenue. Whether your strategy has been on the side of careful or adventurous, you have a lot of experience in the field and it has paid off well.

Does it Matter?

Does it matter that you identify with one of the above labels over another? They all seem so different.

There’s less difference than you may think.

The truth is, no matter who you are in the real-estate investment world, there is no flawless formula to success; all investors want the same thing (to make a profit) and everyone is subject to risks.

What Can You Do?

Whether you’re cautious or adventurous, novice or pro, you naturally want your investment to be worth your while.

That’s where property management comes in.

You see, property management is not just something busy investors need. Whatever your experience in real estate investing may be, a property management team will:

  • Advise you in your investment decisions.
  • Analyze your investment property and help you know how to better budget expenses.
  • Manage your property to maintain its integrity.
  • Ensure you enjoy the highest possible return on investment.

But we’ve just touched the surface. If you want to find out more about how property management can work with your individual needs and make your investment even more profitable, contact ABC property management. We would love to talk to you about how we can help maximize your real estate investment revenue with a custom property management program.